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What is Advance Replacement?

If your monitor need to be replaced, we will ship you a Philips Certified Monitor as soon as the RMA is authorized within 3 to 5 working days even before we pickup the faulty monitor back to us. We are all about reducing the wait and getting you back your games as soon as possible.​


What is Philips Certified Monitor?

Philips Certified Monitor are gently used Philips monitor that have been refurbished to like new condition. The Philips Certified Monitor has been thoroughly inspected by our expert service technicians. Our technicians have inspected for, repaired, or replaced any damage or worn-out components to guarantee the Philips Certified Monitor is 100% functional and tested.  

 Terms and condition 

  1. Customer who purchase Philips monitor start from 1st January 2024 until 31st December 2024 only valid for 5 years extra care and advance replacement.

  2. Customer need to register warranty within 3 weeks after purchase to entitle the 5 years warranty. 

  3. Customer need to agree swapping of Philips Certified monitor with his/her faulty unit

  4. Customer are allowed to choose to repair the RMA faulty monitor instead of advance replacement

  5. Customer who failed to return the RMA Faulty monitor to us within 7days after received our the replacement monitor will be prohibited for future warranty claim.

  6. Customer should appeal to exchange for another Philips Certified monitor or repair the RMA faulty unit within 48 hours if they found below physical problem on the replacement unit after they received. We will not accept any physical damage report after 48 hours.

  • Dent mark​

  • Scratch

  • Crack line

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